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    Data Quality & Validation Management

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Our system saves time and reduces errors by automatically validating every piece of data through an intuitive web application. Input, analyse, collaborate, interrogate and improve data with this management service. 


As a business, Edocuments’ software improves and validates data to minimise risk and add value to buildings.

In a world where data quality is key, Edocuments helps by:

Assuring Governance – demonstrate your processes meet the standards 

Reducing Risk – prevent the likelihood of incomplete handover information

Providing an audit trail – show compliance with smart history logs

Offering templates – access to intelligent templates with in-built validation

With Edocuments’ service and software, you can take your project to the next level when it comes to quality.

The value of data

Data is essential to informing business decisions. It is why information governance is increasingly required by clients in order to maximise the value of their data.

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) information is a legal requirement, with end-users relying on this information to operate, maintain and manage assets in line with legislation.

Edocuments’ understands the importance of data and quality, ensuring customers have the level of information they need which complies with standards and informs decision-making. Edocuments’ software automatically validates every piece of data that is entered, meaning that when it comes to handover, the right data is accessible when it is needed.

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Improving quality

Edocuments’ Springboard software has been developed to give clients the tools, tips and guidance to push quality and assurance to the next level.

Data change control has been fine-tuned over the years to provide assured history and clear audit trails throughout a project. This means we have full visibility of information that has been adjusted over time.

What’s more, the added benefit of online collaboration with actions and conversation threads gives visibility of decisions made. Sign-off is then made more straightforward with traceable workflows and reviews – which translates into accurate and approved handover information that end users can trust.

Data assurance

The Springboard software by Edocuments enables clients to improve and validate data to minimise risk and add value to a building. It also ensures data can be attainable when it is needed.

To enable this, the settings in Springboard enable customers to assign a level of information requirements for each data type. For instance, a partition wall within a building may require information on its fire rating.

Setting the desired level of information ensures the right information can be sourced for the right item. This tangible benefit translates into greater efficiencies and lower risk.

If you're interested in making your data more discoverable in order to streamline building operation, contact Edocuments today.



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