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    BIM/COBie Asset Management Services

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Bring your data to life and connect information to 3D models in order to navigate your way around your O&M. Import, update, export and deliver standard asset register formats including COBie. 

Enhancing your handover information and how it can be filtered is a great way to utilise a geospatial 3D model. 
At Edocuments we collect and store data in a structured format, making it easy to connect beyond our software. 

This allows us to create: 
-    Asset registers including COBie format
-    Connect to 3D models, 360 panoramics, external Common Data Environments (CDEs) and Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software. 

We know the system

Edocuments has been in the business information management world for the past 20 years. We have the insight, expertise and experience to solve real world challenges, and believe our system’s architecture is built for the future. 

Intelligence that is easy to interrogate

Edocuments consolidates multiple pieces of information into one database, so that each piece of project data is stored and easily accessed all on a single cloud-based platform.

What’s more, intuitive visualisation tools make it easy to interrogate the small details and switch seamlessly between projects. 

Validation is made possible by importing the AIDP (asset information delivery plan) aligning classifications with the BEP (BIM execution plan), then using these to validate the asset data.

Edocuments Digital Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

Want to link BIM models, supply chain and FM application to the latest O&M information? Look no further than Edocuments Digital Operation & Maintenance. 

Our Digital O&M is completely data-driven and allows clients’ BIM models to link to any as-built information. Typically, users link elements and systems in the BIM model to the specific system information in the Digital O&M. 

The Digital O&M is the central hub for all as-built information from subcontractors, suppliers and the professional team. Edocuments’ Springboard software guarantees that all information passes through an authoring, review and approval cycle. 

Linking BIM Models

3D models navigate and visualise building data. 
Maximise the visualisation and connection of data through utilising Edocuments’ software. Not only does it improve accessibility, it simplifies and reduces the information delivery overhead. 

-    Link your O&M to your model
-    Search for assets, systems or rooms
-    Select assets to quickly find and navigate O&M data 
-    Understand your building like never before 
-    Show the data validation visually with model filters
-    Showcase the benefits of BIM to clients 

COBie-based Construction Documents

COBie is the most widely used data exchange format within the construction industry. 

Often COBie is viewed as a complicated process. Yet Edocuments’ standard templates have been developed to provide COBie information in a simplified, easy-to-view manner. 

Edocuments’ software creates, imports, edits and exports COBie in a streamlined and efficient way.

Our data model is very flexible and builds on COBie. It allows all assets in the Digital O&M to be updated efficiently, and exported to another model or FM application and back again. 

Our technical team is on hand to support you during this process, driving you at a greater speed towards your digital transformation. 

If you're interested in making your data more discoverable in order to streamline building operation, contact Edocuments today.



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