Health & Safety File

The electronic version of the Health and Safety File is designed to alleviate the inherent problems associated with paper based technical documents. Drawings, manufacturer's literature, certificates and other specialist data are all included electronically. The documents once created provide a replica of the paper documents in an easily stored, accessed, and secure format. For ease of use the familiarity, structure and layout of the paper document is retained.

Edocuments provide a coherent document structure which contains all essential information elements, minimising repetitive and duplicate information

Record documents generally comprise of information needed by the Building Manager to operate and maintain their building in a safe, professional and cost effective manner. The documents that facilitate this are usually know as:

  • Building log book (optional)
  • Building Health and Safety File
  • Operating and Maintenance manuals
  • Specialists manuals
  • Record Drawings
  • Industry Standards - Health & Safety File


Section:1 Introduction and Guide Table of contents
How to use guide
Emergency Information
Contractual and Legal Information
Section:2 General Building Information General Building Information
Section:3 Residual Risks Features and materials requiring special consideration.
Section:4 Key Structural Principles Information of structural design
Brief Structural Description
Load Restrictions
Section:5 Hazardous Materials Residual Hazards
Section:6 Removal Dismantling Equipment likely to need replacement
A plan of work
Section:7 Cleaning Maintenance Facilities Access arrangements and equipment for maintenance
Section:8 Significant Utilities Services Details of the Significant Utilities Services
Section:9 Reference Information Reference Information
Record drawings


Edocuments Standard Health & Safety File complies with:

  • Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, Guidance on Regulations (L153)