Springboard Production Process

Our online document production software

Springboard Online Document Production Edocuments have developed software to save time and money in the production of collaborative documents. Using Springboard allows all parties to ensure that as-built record information is on-time for handover.

Need to save time, and achieve compliance, yet be future proof in the way you hold building documentation data!

The benefits... Edocuments Springboard is an on-line authoring and management platform designed to simplify the process of record document production. "Springboard" provides a controlled environment to ensure that record documents follow a defined and traceable production process. Using either industry standard or customisable document templates.

BIM ready Digital O&M and Health & safety file. create, edit, update, share data, and collaborate online.

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Using any internet connected computer, your email address and password.


Secure remote hosting backed up daily.


Software independent only requires a standard web browser.


Daily and weekly email reminders.


Instant access to real time project status reports.


Maximise your time we manage the process for you.


View the latest documents and your supplier's performance.


Add notes and comments online onto the documents.


Eliminate and reduce paper and access information in a single secure location.


Use your mobile phone or smart phone to check the progress of your project at any time, anywhere.