Documentation Production Process

How do we create record documents?

Edocuments filter, write, and control the content placed into your documents. Final Project Documentation includes the textual based information plus all literature, specialist's information, test and commissioning data.

Production Process Project Time Line

Edocuments Model - 12+ Weeks' Notice, based on Standard Health and Safety File or Electrical & Mechanical Operating and Maintenance Manuals.

Week Number Item/Task Method Team
Appointment Edocuments Agree Standards & Templates
Set Practical Completion Date
Define Document Handover Date
Quote & Place order
The Client
12 Weeks Commence document production Collate project specific information*:
Send Specification to Edocuments
Send Working Drawings to Edocuments
Send Project Directory to Edocuments
*Arrange site visits if requested
Lead Designer
8 Weeks 1st draft document issued for comment Electronic copies hosted on-line for comment
or sent via CD / Email
Alternatively, Paper Draft Sent*
*Drawings, Literature, Test certificates
Not included at draft stage
8 weeks/ 4 weeks Final record documents Send Record, As-Built Drawings
to Edocuments Send Test
certificates to Edocuments
Practical Completion Issue Final Documents End users provided online access to the
final documents (Edocuments Elements)
Actual copies and distribution to be agreed
The Client
4 weeks Document Updates Actual copies and distribution to be agreed.
Paper, electronic, or continued online hosting.
The Client