Building User Guides

Building User Guides are intended to provide the safe operation of small houses or flats, or standalone systems. They are often intended for non-trained personnel, who no little or nothing about the described systems.

The Edocuments "Building User Guide" provides an electronic version of all the documents that make up the required manuals and includes drawings and manufacturer's literature.


Reference from the Code for Sustainable Homes: The Code for Sustainable Homes (the Code) is an environmental assessment method for rating and certifying the performance of new homes. It is a national standard for use in the design and construction of new homes with a view to encouraging continuous improvement in sustainable home building.

Building regulations already require Building Energy Log Books, a small addition to the log book extends it to include the environmental assessment findings. Building Managers can use the document to reduce running costs, measure and improve the performance of buildings.

Keeping the guide up to date and accurate is critical to gain benefits from the data. Hosting the guide on-line in a simple to update format simplifies the management.

Managers should use the BREEAM guide to reduce running costs, measure and improve the performance of buildings, empower staff, develop action plans and monitor and report performance at both single building and portfolio level.