Building Log Book

Edocuments are an accredited CIBSE log book developer, and can offer a log book creation services however simple or complex the project, for your log book duties under Part L2.

Edocuments have been associated with the CIBSE panel for the development of the L2 log book 'Naturally Ventilated School' template. We were pleased to assist CIBSE in preparing the Log Book alongside the Client Essex County Council.

The building log book is analogous to a simple car handbook, providing the building manager with easily understood information about how the building is meant to work. It also allows ongoing building performance and major alterations to be recorded.


Section:1 Building History
Section:2 Purpose & responsibilities
Section:3 Links to other key documents
Section:4 Main contacts
Section:5 Commissioning, handover & compliance
Section:6 Overall building design
Section:7 Summary of areas/occupancy
Section:8 Summary of main building services plant
Section:9 Overview of controls / BMS
Section:10 Occupant information
Section:11 Metering, monitoring & targeting strategy
Section:12 Building performance records
Section:13 Summary of maintenance
Section:14 Results of in-use investigations
Section:15 Appendix: relevant compliance and test certificates


Edocuments Standard Building Log Book complies with:

  • Building Regulations Part L2
  • CIBSE TM 31: A Guide to Building Log Books
  • Carbon trust: Good Practice Guide (GPG 348), "Better information for better buildings"