Creating your information models

We understand that the use and delivery of information is a constant source of frustration for project delivery and facility management teams. It requires a combination of engineering knowledge, data management and software expertise focused on the management and delivery of data, made even more stringent by the requirements for BIM delivery.

We therefore offer a flexible range of cost effective management and software only solutions including; Information management services, Record/As Built Handover Information production, Technical Authoring and Data Integration, to equip the Project Delivery Teams with both the tools and resources to help improve the handover process and reduce costly post practical completion errors.

With over 16 years knowledge, we have developed our own software platform, (Springboard BIM), and processes built on customer feedback, AB testing and machine learning focused on the AEC and infrastructure market.

Getting up and running quickly

Historically, companies looking for technology and advice to improve their processes have been constrained by lengthy and costly implementations, inflexible software, and expensive on going data hosting costs.

Edocuments helps solve these challenges with advice, training, easy-to-use cloud software, pre-defined templates and processes, and expert guidance to assist companies get up and running quickly and cost-effectively with the flexibility to meet the needs of any business.

Deep data understanding

At the core of our service is our deep understanding and experience in combining graphical 3D models and non-graphical data and information into a cohesive and practical solution.

By providing design, construction, supply chains with simple data management tools, task based workflows and performance indicators we can help manage the transition to better delivery outcomes. You also don't need the 3D model to access the data, so information can be added independently and then linked or exchanged on demand using IFC, COBie, spreadsheets (XLS, CSV) formats.

Extensive and transparent reporting helps capture the right information and deliver it to the Facilities Management teams at every stage of the project cycle thereby reducing the risk or incomplete or missing information at handover.

Integrate many systems

Tools and modules enable data and information to be managed, viewed, analysed and updated. Integration tools enable data to be exchanged between other databases e.g. CDE, CAFM, CMMS, AMS.


A range of ongoing hosting and updating services are also available to enhance your support services, through and beyond the defects liability period.