Edocuments are now BSI verified for BIM Level 2 delivery

Edocuments have achieved Verification Certification to PAS 1192-2

Edocuments have achieved Verification Certification to PAS 1192-2 covering Tier 2 Design and Construction for Level 2 BIM in line with UK Government requirements. We successfully demonstrated how our process driven and qualitative approach in delivering project information adhered to the requirements of the PAS 1192-2, BS 1192 and BS 1192-4.

Lester Morgan, Managing Director of Edocuments, said: "This independent assessment and recognition is a testament to the last 10 years of hard work and effort by our staff in creating the systems and processes which enabled us to gain this valuable certification. We have continually refined and improved our systems and services to simplify and economise handover information delivery for our customers."

"We realised many years ago that the delivery and management of handover information was an area that needed significant improvement and it lead us to adopting a process driven our approach to information management and delivery. The advent of BIM has not only enabled us to seamlessly continue delivering information but also provide value added expertise to our customers."

Jamie Dupee, Software Applications Director, added: "It's been hugely satisfying to see the adoption of BIM by the industry. We continue to see the growing use of our Springboard software platform by our construction customers who wish to realise the opportunities and benefits of using data collaboratively.

We also are seeing demand for complimentary products that extend the use of the data for soft landings, operational PAS1192-3 and security PAS1192-5.

Edocuments are assisting several construction companies in meeting their BIM requirements on projects and look to work with other organisations who have achieved or looking to achieve better information delivery for projects and into operations. Edocuments use Springboard software to deliver BIM Level 2 Handover Information to streamline the information management process. It can deliver COBie exchanges on demand and transfer data via APIs between other software platforms.