DEXIO will be the new name for Edocuments in 2020

We're making changes

For us it will be a new name and look, much of our organisation has changed since we started in 2000. The services we deliver, the help we offer, and the way we interact with the customers have all evolved. We are committed to simplifying building information management and validation of data for buildings for years to come. We will continue to operate in our current structure, and your contacts and services will remain unchanged.

2020 vision

Why have we rebranded?

We have years of success and experience behind us. We've worked hard to develop a formidable reputation in the construction industry for the solutions we provide to contractors, facility managers and all manner of other construction professionals, along with our private clients. So, as you can imagine, the prospect of relaunching our company under a completely new name was more than a little daunting!

However, much like the world of BIM, we have evolved, and we needed to ensure our brand reflected our current market position. The help we offer, the services we deliver, the way we interact with our customers - it's all changed significantly since we first brought Edocuments, and subsequently Springboard, to the global market. As such, we felt it was time to bring not only our company aesthetics up to date, but revisit our values and goals in order to ensure our brand remains attractive and viable in what's becoming an increasingly competitive environment.

With the help and support of branding agency Break17, we explored exactly what it is that makes us who we are. We rediscovered our purpose, our mission - and we created a new moniker that we think perfectly encapsulates what we have achieved to date, yet also communicates our vision for the future

Will the rebrand affect the level of service we deliver to our customers?

Yes – in a positive way! Not only have we invested in a slicker, more contemporary brand, we've also updated our product and its supporting systems. Our BIM applications have a fresh new look, and we've made them faster and even easier to use.

We have continued to develop staff and software tools to increase data accuracy. With the company focussed on providing "process driven data assurance".

Plus, we've streamlined our internal processes to ensure our expert team remain consistently reliable.

Existing orders and contracts with Edocuments do not need to change. For the time being our registered company name, insurances, and bank details will remain as Edocuments Ltd.