Metropolitan Services


Metropolitan Services are an established ME service contracting company who provide a range of installation, project management, facilities management, inspection and testing services. They have a large and extensive portfolio of corporate customers who operate highly serviced and operationally critical buildings.

Edocuments developed a system for management of testing information. Accessible from anywhere by teams. Secure and controlled access.

Project scope

Metropolitan Services required a software system for managing the inspection and testing documentation for their multi-site FM Teams and large corporate customers, who needed immediate access to the latest information, together with a method of demonstrating compliance.

The process they were using involved the exchange of emails or electronic media via fire sharing sites which created silos of disconnected information. "No one knew where, or who had the latest information".

Key Processes

Starting in 2008, Edocuments provided to simplify the process of storing, managing and sharing the information created for inspection and testing teams.

The system is now used on numerous buildings by many inspection and testing engineers, verifiers and managers. The system is accessed via any internet connected device using a web browser with only a minimum of training required.

Key Achievements

The system has been very successful with Metropolitan Services customers who now use it for all their customers and projects as standard. The major benefit has been the reduction in time for the administration staff and test engineers. Not only does this give cost savings but gives customers great transparency and reassurance. They estimate savings of 8 hours per week in administration time alone which is estimated to be £12k to £15k per annum. Industry findings report electronic document systems taking 80% less time than manual paper based systems.