Francis Crick Institute

State of the art Medical Research Facility

Client requirements

BIM integration of an 84,000 m2 new build biomedical research laboratory facility using an Electronic Document Management System.

Agree the project win to minimise the building life-cycle costs and minimise disruption to the facility during planned and unplanned maintenance/breakdown.

During the design, construction, and project handover progressively develop project information that will be relevant, useful and will benefit the FM team.

Project scope

Laing O'Rourke recommended the creation of an EDMS to host the data collection. This had been piloted with success on recent projects.

Model at handover will have major assets tagged with information required for servicing.

Finished model represents the installed systems. Model will be split by floor to make it manageable for future update.

Each asset linked with FM data and supporting specification sheet.

Key processes

Pre-PAS 1192 pathfinder project.

Wide stakeholder consultations ensured the model is not just a record viewing tool, it creates value and savings in the day to day running and operation of the building and the maintained assets.

Data from models, technical submissions and supply chain documentation was monitored and managed using the Edocuments reporting tools

Key achievements

Edocuments software solution uses Springboard and Elements to provide templates and data compliant with FM team AIM.

Full managed production of the as built data resulting in data connected and updated via CAFM system

FM processes accessible by desktop and mobile users.

Workshops to understand how the client will use the information.


Systems handed over as they are completed.

Client has full visibility of the information.

Flexibility and customisable template and content.