Colt Technology

City of London, Whitechapel

Quote from user

"Elements is used by Colt Engineering Teams across Europe to access their information and having a common interface in local languages means visiting engineers can quickly find what they are looking for."

Steve Lamb: Site Manager, Colt Technology

Client Requirements

Colt is an international IT services company with 22 data centre facilities across continents who deliver and integrate network, data centres and IT services.

Edocuments SpringBoard and Elements provides their engineering staff with access to the latest building information to enable them to efficiently and quickly find critical information.

A central source of all knowledge for data centre building information. Web browser based for online/offline access. Auditable review and updating process. Multi language option needed.

Project scope

Colt Technology realised that access to engineering information needed to be improved as various construction projects over the years had created rooms full of paper based documents in a multitude of formats making it difficult and time consuming to find information.

Key Processes

The Engineering staff provide a highly responsive operation and management service for mission critical data environments for their Clients across Europe and fast access to the correct information is vital. Having a European presence also means Engineers need to access to information in a variety of languages.

Key Achievements

Utilizing both in house and external engineering resources for capital projects and operational works also required supporting information such as standard and emergency operating procedures needed to be kept up to date and available for access to all.

Fast access to record information using a common graphical interface. Secure and controlled access for internal and external users. Ease of managing operational procedures.

Common templates and data structures were created for the UK, France and German sites for access by all European Engineers. The coding and classification system used for all information storage was based on the UK Common Arrangement of Works Sections (CAWS) which is a system used by the Architects and Building Services Engineers to specify system and product data. Elements was set up to provide a common viewing and access platform for the information once reviewed and approved.