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    Asset Information Requirements


Asset information requirements (AIRs) define and highlight the detailed and relevant information that is needed to operate and make decisions about a built asset. With years of experience, Edocuments can help businesses define these crucial pieces of information so that you have the AIRs you need to assure efficient building management. 

As well as assisting with AIRs, Edocuments helps with the development of:

  • Organisational Information Requirements (OIR): which involves establishing and categorising the information needed 
  • Information Delivery Manuals (IDM): identifies processes that are needed to manage a building and the information required to do so
  • Model View Definitions (MVD): describes data needed for a specific workflow 
  • Information Exchanges

Edocuments AIR solution

Edocuments AIR solution helps define the information requirements for systems and assets (PAS 1192 & ISO 19650), including cyber security requirements to PAS 1192-5 and ISO 19650-5,  and Health & Safety information PAS 1192-6, and ISO 19650-6.

Edocuments software contains the EIR and AIR requirements for Handover Information including the Levels of information (LOI), data exchange mechanisms and model viewers.
Information can be collected from models or manually entered on-line, verified and validated at all stages.

Designers and Construction Supply Chain Partners can input their data directly into Edocuments’ industry-leading Springboard platform. Our team of experts are on hand to provide assistance with validation and quality checking.

The Review Team comment and review the information using the Edocuments platform.

Edocuments AIR standard deliverable

We often get asked what products we can deliver at the end of the project. Here is a typical list:

  •  BIM Services - Report on AIR that identifies errors
  • BIM Services - 4 No final models Struct, Arch, Mech, Elec.
  • BIM Data (off-Line) – Data to Revit/IFC model transfer.
  • Data Transfer - O&M asset data (type/component) pushed back to the Revit model object element properties creating SPR_COBie prefix.
  • Navis model (offline).
  • Navis model objects with O&M asset data as above.  
  • BIM Links (on-Line) – Online model linked to Edocuments online O&M Manual.
  • Edocuments software link between model objects in viewer and asset data in O&M Manual.

At the end of defects period, the client has the option to pay an annual hosting fee for the Edocuments software.

Edocuments AIR process

What does our AIR process look like? 

A new project is configured within Edocuments software, and subsequently the AIRs are imported. 

At this point, errors within the AIR that needed to be fixed such as missing classifications and duplicate fields, are identified.

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